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Our Amazing Buddy

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Our Amazing Buddy

Rugs, rugs everywhere!

September 27th, 2015 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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Buddy is pretty comfortable in his kingdom out back these days. He can get up and down by himself and take of business when ever he wants. Buddyville (aka the backyard) is his happy place. Inside is another story. We have hard wood floors everywhere. Which obviously, is pretty hazardous when you are walking on 3 legs.  Not to mention that bare floors have become the enemy to him since June when some wicked storms came rolling through.  I don’t get the connection with storms and bare floors but he’s a dog. They have weird hang ups. Humans have hang ups too. I don’t like the color black, snakes or onions. He was on doggie prozac for about 6 weeks to calm him, which made him into a zombie.  (And yep, we tried the thunder coat, lavender and soothing music. Nothing worked.) Anyway, we have a few runners here and there but not nearly enough.  So yesterday was rug shopping day and off to the mall we went. We brought home 3 runners and a rug to go under his dog dish thing. We laid them all out and realized we were going to need at least 2 more.  So off to Target my sweet  husband went. The house looks pretty funny right now with rugs all over the place. Kind of reminds me of the directional symbols we have at preschool. Follow the tan rug and the flowered rug to get to the hiding place under the dining room table. Follow the blue rug , flowered run and then the tan rug to get to the front door. It’s working because he found his way (with no encouragement on our part) to his hiding place under the dining room table! Then he went back again to his bed and sometime before dinner he got up and walked over to the door to let us know he needed to pee! He was even willing to go eat at least half his dinner in his scary dog dish holder thing. Its supposed to rain for the next few days so hopefully he will find it in himself to be brave and go exploring again on his own.

He still shakes from time to time. Maybe it’s a little bit of pain or maybe it’s a bit of anxiety. I’m really not sure but it is a little bit less.

Today, he finally figured out that he has to scoot himself off of his dog bed in order to stand on his own. He’s a smart one. Something new everyday.

Tomorrow is a big day. It’s ugly, staple removal day! YIPPEE!

Buddy relaxing in his kingdom.


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10 Comments so far ↓

  • kazann

    Ahhhh, what a dear pup! I love how our pets know how to take in the simple things in life – sunshine, fresh air, grass. I look forward to a photo of Buddy leaping and bounding through the snow this winter.

  • jerry

    WHEEEE! This is pawgress!

    Can I just say one thing? Getting those rugs is HUGE and will help him so much. I know it stinks to cover up beautiful wood floors, but it means so much to our Tripawds to have traction. You won’t believe how many people won’t put throw rugs down on their floors because they don’t like the aesthetics of it. Crazy eh? Well, obviously you’re DOG CRAZY and really great at pawrenting too. You are pawesome!

    When you get those staples out, you’ll be a new dawg, Buddy!

  • 4myty

    You should see my house! I have no carpet on the main floor. I have paths of runners leading through all my rooms. I even found a great deal on an 11 ft runner on an auction site for my hallway. My kitchen ones, I got at Target on clearance for $6 each. They also help my aging Border Clooie mix. Maybe we can put paw prints on our rugs for directions. LOL glad tomorrow is staple removal day. That is always a big relief. He looks so comfy resting in the grass. Lori, Ty & gang

    • tinkbubble66

      I need to hit up an auction!! Thats awesome!! Long runners are hard to find!! we are looking forward to the vet tonight!

  • linda8115

    His incision looks great!! I have to laugh at the “rugs rugs rugs everywhere. That was the only thing I was ahead of the game with. I already had runners for my 16 year old husky on all the slippery floors so he wouldn’t fall so Max was already set up in that department. I LOVE staple removal day! As Lori said a huge relief.

  • michellek

    Awesome! He looks great!

  • benny55

    Buddy! You just melt my heart with every post! And I always love seeing your banner.

    You are a very handsome boy…even with your buzz cut! Those surgeons seem to get a little crazy when they get a pair of hair clippers in their hands! Buddy will jave all his fur back in no time so he can go frolic in the snow without getting cold!

    Wish I could remember who said it because it was such a great line…..their floor had so many different colored scatter rugs, it looked like a clown had vomited all over it!

    Buddy, I love the visual of you scooting your butt off your bed so you can stand up. Smart boy indeed!

    I love looking at your mug in the photo…it’s so smoochable!!

    Love you Buddy!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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