Happy 2 month Ampuversary Buddy!

DSC_3431Today marks Buddy’s 2 month ampuversary! It’s rainy out so he is spending the day comfortably on his pillow with his blanket. I think we’ll probably head out in a bit for a walk/hop. 🙂

Here’s the things that we are thankful for 2 months later. He can go around the block almost all on own.  He’s still stubborn as heck and wants to go where he wants to go and not where we want him to go! So, we are thankful for his strength. (But sometimes we are no so thankful for that!) He still loves to run along side Steve when Steve holds the handle to his harness. He can go down a short set of stairs all by himself.  He can run/hop in the yard. He still knows how to chase a chipmunk down when he feels like it!  We are thankful that he is no longer scared of his water dish! He is a master at turning around. We are thankful for helpful neighbors and the neighborhood kids who love him and have been so supportive of Buddy. We are thankful for his vets who helped prolong his quality of life. He is happy and content. We are ever so thankful for this website and the love and support we have received as we journey through this new phase in Buddy’s life. It takes a village my friends. Life is good!DSC_3479