Happy 2 Year Ampuversary Buddy!

Holy smokes it’s been two year’s! It’s still remain’s the best decision we ever made for our Bud Bud. He’s 15 now and has kind of become the old shoe of the house. The really comfy, good kind. 🙂

Walks are a usual 15 minutes which mostly consists of sniffing and standing around. He’s a bit more wobbly these day’s due to his age. He lounges alot on his one side making his back leg pretty stiff and arthritis has set in. But, he’s happy.

Our daughter, Lindsey, thought it might be good to take him on adventure yesterday and give him a new view. The following picture’s was his reaction. Oh my goodness…happiest dog ever. I think we may have to do it more often!

So here’s to old age and happy doggie smile’s! Happy Amuversary Buddy! We love you!!