1 year later

Happy Ampuversary Buddy!

One year later and he is as awesome as he always has been. You’d never know he was 14! He’s got a giant turkey gizzard these days from horrible fat! But that’s ok. I’ll take fat over cancer!

img_3315It’s been a great summer for him even in the oppressive heat. He loves to mill around his backyard kingdom and then chill under the deck. And he still looks forward to his evening walks. Somedays are stronger than others and thats ok! He’s become quite the celebrity in the neighborhood. The sad look’s of …oh you poor thing are gone and have changed to…WOW! Look at him go! People will stop their car’s just to say hello and inquire about him. We are so proud of him.

Would we do it all over again? Yep. He’s happy and in the end thats really all that matters. img_3309