6 weeks

Today we mark 6 weeks since amputation. WOW! 6 weeks! When we were at the one week mark I could not wait to get to this point. It is incredible how fast time goes by. Its also pretty darn incredible the great strides Buddy has made. The fur is ever so slowly coming back. I wish that would hurry up! On colder days I will throw a t-shirt on him just to keep him warm.

He is finally content to eat from his raised food bowl. The raised water dish is another story. He doesn’t trust it. His back legs will still shake a bit when he looks at it. It’s as if he thinks it’s the evil bath tub getting ready to make him take a bath. Maybe he see’s his reflection in there? Who knows what he’s thinking. The water dish creeps him out and I am still really not sure why. We have to encourage him to go over and drink from it. He’ll do it but he’s not happy about it.

His walks are pretty strong. Some days he is happy to go longer and others he is happy to cut it short. He is still stubborn as heck in having to turn around! On his longer walks he likes to trot along at a quick pace then he’ll  stop to sniff around a bit. He’ll tire after awhile and will look up at Steve as if  to say, “A little help here?” So Steve will lift him slightly with his harness and off they go! I don’t think he really needs the help. I just think he really loves when Steve runs with him like that. His face is priceless. He’ll give Steve a sign to let him know he’s done with the run then they will stop and he will always look back to make sure I’m coming.

Life is pretty awesome. 6 weeks strong.

Sometimes it takes forever for my humans to get ready for a walk so I sit on the step.
Sometimes it takes forever for my humans to get ready for a walk so I sit on the step.


Just so there is no confusion as to who this fire hydrant belongs to…I’ll mark it. I’m helpful like that.


Oh my…IS THAT A CAT?!! I got my eyes on you CAT! I’m gonna flex my muscles and trot past you so you know who rules this neighborhood.


Dad taking me for a run. I can do this all by myself but SHHHH..don’t tell dad!  I love it when he runs next to me!


Heeeeere I come!!


I’m like lightening!


I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!


My human is pretty awesome. I think I’ll keep him. 🙂

5 weeks strong

Looking pretty cute in my tshirt!
Looking pretty cute in my tshirt!

Today we celebrate Buddy’s 5 week ampu-versary! YAY Buddy! His endurance continues to improve as does his stubbornness to quite when he is tired! Oh my goodness. We think, he thinks he’s training for a marathon.

Its getting a bit nippy out so we thought a t-shirt might warm him up a bit. Happy Monday everyone!

Hows this for a pose?
Hows this for a pose?

Buddy the Unstoppable

Buddy the Unstoppable

I have to say the neatest part of this whole new adventure in Buddy’s life is getting used to the new “normal”. The new “normal” changes everyday though! And thats ok. Each day brings on a new adventure. The adventure usually entails a lot of laying around in his backyard kingdom and going for small walks but for him its an adventure just the same. His endurance gets a wee bit stronger every week as we go for walks. Its pretty cool to see how much farther he will go each time we are out. We have to make him turn around sometimes because we can see when he starts to tire. Oh and he is so stubborn when he knows we are making him turn around! This dog has always been all about his walks. Rain, sleet or snow never stops him! It bugs him a bit (Especially when rock salt hits the street. Nasty, painful stuff that rock salt.) but it never stops him. Buddy the unstoppable. He is an inspiration. Life is good.

To bark or not to bark…

Its been a great Saturday! Sunny and cool out. Beautiful! I was just mentioning to my son that I thought Buddy lost his bark during surgery. I haven’t heard him use it in a long time. I am happy to report that he found his bark. It was somewhere out back in his kingdom. I was in the kitchen when I heard  an old familiar tone. Oh my goodness! He’s barking and galloping out back. It was great to hear his voice again!  All is well.

Out for a short gallop!
Out for a short gallop and looking very handsome!



The weather has been fabulous! And Buddy has been one happy guy! He’s loving his walk’s and working on his endurance. Yesterday we decided to drive down the street to one of the walking paths that he loves so much. He recognized where he was immediately and started to hurriedly gallop up the path. His face was priceless! He was SO HAPPY!! He will gallop a little then rest a bit. Then he’ll get a sprint going and then stop and rest. Then he’ll nose around and sniff the grass. Walks are twice as long as they used to be and much shorter but thats ok! We made him sit down on the basketball courts with us after a little bit so he could take a rest. He wasn’t going to argue with that!  Life is good.



IMG_0030 - Version 2
Look at that face!!!