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Our Amazing Buddy

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Our Amazing Buddy

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When is enough, enough?

March 23rd, 2018 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!When is enough, enough? Where do we draw the line for him? What is considered quality of life for him at this point? We’ve been pondering this one for a little while. Buddy had a rough go last weekend. We were watching TV with him asleep […]

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Pressure sore relief, UTI’s and soup ladle’s

January 18th, 2018 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!We brought Buddy into the vet yesterday afternoon and as soon as our sweet vet walked in to the room he piddled. Took her 5 seconds to tell us he has a UTI! Yep, his urine stinks pretty bad. We’re talking, open the windows and where’s […]

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Pressure sores, ACL tears and old age

January 16th, 2018 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s been awhile Tripaw family so I thought I would check in. Our sweet boy is doing ok these days. He suffers from an ACL tear (which happened before Thanksgiving) in his back leg. NO fun for an old guy. Its tough on those back legs. Some days are better than others. He is not […]

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Good news bad news (but we’re ignoring bad news)

November 2nd, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

We went to the vet Saturday morning preparing ourselves for bad news. Honestly, we were ok with bad news. If we were told he wasn’t going to walk again, we were ok with that. We had already decided that as long as he’s happy, then we are happy. He’s eatting, drinking and going potty outside […]

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Back leg going lame

October 26th, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Old age and arthritis is just the pits sometimes. Buddy has been slowing down as of late. He is having a lot of difficulty in his back left leg, which is the leg he tends to rest on the most. (His amputated leg was his front right leg)He was having good days and bad days […]

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