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Our Amazing Buddy

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Our Amazing Buddy

When is enough, enough?

March 23rd, 2018 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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When is enough, enough? Where do we draw the line for him? What is considered quality of life for him at this point? We’ve been pondering this one for a little while.

Buddy had a rough go last weekend. We were watching TV with him asleep on his bed when all of the sudden he became restless and went into a grand maul seizure. It came out of nowhere. He’s never had one before. We thought for sure that this was it. It was awful. We got on the phone with our vets office, who talked us through it, and advised us to stay at home unless it happened again. Shortly after that we texted our vet to let her know what was going on. Her thought, in short, was that it could be an isolated incident, stroke or brain tumor. He’s been fine ever since. But we are not kidding ourselves. We think something wicked this way comes. He’s 16.

So we ponder when will we know what’s right for him? He LOVES to eat his dinner. Oh my goodness, just loves his breakfast and dinner and looks forward to chicken treats. In fact he’ll thump around on his bed and crane his neck to show me he wants a treat. LOL. He’s happy when each of us come home from work. He loves his naps in the hallway in the sun and he loves the attention from our adult children. He’s a tough cookie and puts up with a lot though. He’s always been a hard read. The vet calls him stoic when it comes to pain. Although we don’t think he’s in pain. He has lots of drugs to control that. That’s a really good word for him. Stoic. He tore his ACL back in November. There was a point where he was doing really well with it but lately it feels like he’s torn it all over again where he has next to nothing with the use of his back legs. So we cart him out 5 times a day so he can relieve himself. He can sqwat to pee with some help but needs full assistance with number 2. He’s also working on his third UTI with a new med. He’ll have some more testing after this med to see whats going on. Perhaps his kidneys are just shot. We would not be surprised.

Everyone says you’ll know. But what if we are just kidding ourselves and we are hanging on just to hang on? We want what’s best for him and not us. We don’t want him to suffer. The thought of losing him is unbearable sometimes, but then there is almost a feeling of relief in letting him go when the time is right. I want him to run again, freely, without our assistance in God’s garden.

Our hearts are hurting. This is so hard. We are praying that God will make it clear to us when enough is enough.




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Pressure sore relief, UTI’s and soup ladle’s

January 18th, 2018 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

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We brought Buddy into the vet yesterday afternoon and as soon as our sweet vet walked in to the room he piddled. Took her 5 seconds to tell us he has a UTI! Yep, his urine stinks pretty bad. We’re talking, open the windows and where’s the air freshener? stink. GAG. We had chalked it up to his med’s causing the smell. Well, now it all makes sense. DAH. His little dribbles here and there and his larger pee accidents are caused by either a bladdar infection or a urinary tract infection. He doesn’t empty his bladder out as well so he’s got this cesspool going on inside of him. Our vet wanted to analyze his urine to be sure (even though we all know it’s a no brainer). Here’s where the soup ladle comes in. She tried massaging him in the office to get him to pee but no luck. So outside we went with the vet tech and a soup ladle to catch his pee. I don’t know why I find this so funny but I do. (One must find humor in every situation.) Steve helped Buddy along outside with his harness and my job was to alert the tech when Buddy squatted so he could play catcher with the ladle. “There he goes!” I shouted! And quick as lightening that tech had that ladle right under him. Best pee catcher on the league. And back inside we went with the freshly caught pee. Nice.

On to the pressure sore. It had gotten pretty nasty to where it was red from infection and now a small crater had formed. This was all caused by the under strap’s of his harness. He need’s a lot of help getting up and when he goes potty outside. Even though the straps are padded, they cut into him pretty hard. Over time, it has caused a pressure sore. We had an older version of the Ruffwear harness without the brush guard. I don’t think the brush guard attachment was out yet when we first got his harness. My advice to older Tripaw owners or if your furry friend is in a situation like ours where they need a lot of assistant is to look into purchasing this attachment if you don’t already own it. Amazon sell’s it for about $25. It will distribute the weight more evenly on their underbelly. Or maybe even look into the sling type harness that Tripaw has. Ok, so we really need to get pressure off of that sore. The new harness attachment will help but still, there needs to be as little pressure as possible on that sore. So we picked up some foam insulation tubing that goes around your pipes at Home Depot. We cut a square off and cut a hole in the center. The hole is where his sore goes and TA DA!, it takes pressure away from that sore. I’ll attach a picture at the end of this post. We are still playing around with the best placement of it and it’s not easy to put his harness on but eventually we will get it down to a science. He’s on Clavamox for the infection as well. All in all it was a pretty good vet visit with solution’s to some pretty messy problem’s.

We continue to embrace his senior citizenship. (To bad he can’t carry a card with him so we can get cheaper dog food) Here’s looking forward to better smelling pee, healing pressure sore’s and continued patience for that ACL to heal!


This is the underside of his harness with the brush guard attachment. We attached the foam and cut out a hole where his sore is.


Pressure sores, ACL tears and old age

January 16th, 2018 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s been awhile Tripaw family so I thought I would check in. Our sweet boy is doing ok these days. He suffers from an ACL tear (which happened before Thanksgiving) in his back leg. NO fun for an old guy. Its tough on those back legs. Some days are better than others. He is not getting any better but he is not getting any worse. We understand it takes a long time for these things to heal and thats ok. We decided against surgery given his age. We tried some braces from Amazon and they just didn’t work for him. His pain seems to be doing ok. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because he can be so stoic when it comes to pain. He’s a prideful old guy! He’s on Tramadol 3 times a day and Rimadyl twice a day as well. The added Rimadyl has been helpful. He has small pee accidents here which is just age related. Our vet explained that its probably aging kidney’s and not being able to concentrate his urine. So all the water he drinks goes straight through and is produced into urine. As a result the bladder fills up frequently and a lot of the time they can’t empty it as much as they need to and so there is an overflow issue. It’s also hard to squat to urinate so they tend not to empty their bladder completely when they do go outside. He used to mark his spot everywhere he went. When your back legs don’t work so well you only want to go once while you’re out there! Especially if its 15 degree’s!

Our newest issue is a nasty pressure sore right where the strap of his harness hits on his underside. We hadn’t noticed it until yesterday when it started to seep. At first I thought it was a tumor we hadn’t noticed (he has fatty lumps everywhere!) but given where the harness hits, its probably a pressure wound. The front under-strap pushes very hard into him especially when he goes out to poop. He needs alot of assistance. He can squat down but we have to hold him up full force with the harness. OUCH. He needs alot of help getting up as well. So lots of pressure on that underbelly. I texted the vet again. She suggested a new harness. Right now he has the Ruffwear. We just ordered the AST Get A Grip harness through Tripaw in hopes that it won’t hit that area as hard. But now I see Ruffwear has a Brush Guard so we ordered that off of Amazon as well. Hopfully one of these will help stay away from that area. In the meantime off to the vet we go. 🙁 I understand these wounds are nasty and hard to heal. It would be super helpful if his back legs would just start kicking in so that we can stop having to help him around with the back handle of his harness! UGH!

All of these new phases of old age have made us think and ponder when enough is enough. We love him enough to know that quality of life is what comes first. We had some good hard talks with our beloved vet earlier this week. Together, we have agreed with her, that he is not there yet and pray that the good Lord will help see when it is his time.  He enjoys his naps in the sunshine and Lord knows he loves his chicken treats! So we will just keep trucking on and hoping the vet can help his new wound. Praying he gets more strength in those rear legs soon too! 🙂 Cheers! 


Good news bad news (but we’re ignoring bad news)

November 2nd, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

We went to the vet Saturday morning preparing ourselves for bad news. Honestly, we were ok with bad news. If we were told he wasn’t going to walk again, we were ok with that. We had already decided that as long as he’s happy, then we are happy. He’s eatting, drinking and going potty outside and smiling when it’s sunny. We got him into the vet’s office just fine but poor Buddy just shook like a leaf. Actually he shook like one of those old, weird exercise machines from the 50’s that you see on TV, that shakes your hips for you while you stand there doing nothing. OMG, this poor dog. Vet looked him over and suggested we do x-rays to get a better idea of what we are looking at. His heart, despite his trembling and lungs looked very good. So off he went on his little gurney. No, he was not to happy about being carted off on that. Our sweet vet came back with the xrays and a huge smile on her face! She said, ” I have good news guys!” His hip’s look great. His back looks great. His left knee has a completely torn ACL! Well holy cow! We were not expecting that! So, given his age, yes we can do laser surgery but really he just needs rest and a good NSAID to work for him. We also asked about a brace and she said yes that would be helpful. So, we are going to try Rimadyl on him again. He had that about 5 years ago and it gave him diarrhea. But that was 5 years ago. She put him on a low dose and has us increasing his dose after a week so his body can get used to it. He will still take Tramodol 3 time’s a day as well. All good news right?! Well, while we were looking at his xrays our vet shouted “OH! WHAT’S THAT?!” It was a little clip of his lungs that appeared to be dark. She said,” You know guys, cancer in the lungs was always a possibility with him.” But, she wasn’t quite sure what she was looking at because the focus was on his legs and back. Not his lung’s. It wasn’t a full x-ray and it may have been nothing. If he does have cancer in there, he’s not showing any sign’s of it. He’s 15, there’s nothing we can do about that. Chemo is not a choice for us. We just don’t think it’s fair to him to put him through something like that. The cost of that is also a reality that we just can’t do. So we all decided, including our vet, that we didn’t see that.

He’s been on his new med’s since Sunday and appear’s to be handling it well! He seem’s more comfortable. He can stand for a few second’s here and there. He wants to get up on his own and tries really hard but he’s just not ready yet. We ordered him a brace off of Amazon that arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it was to big and the fit wasn’t right. We ordered another one from a different company off of Amazon that should be here next week sometime. Finger’s crossed.

We have hope now. I will give an update on his progress soon! Thank you all for your love and support. It really mean’s an awful lot to us. We love and appreciate our tripaw family.

Sniffing the fresh air

So sleepy and please stop taking pictures of me!

Buddy the Lion King ( He didn’t think it was very funny)


Back leg going lame

October 26th, 2017 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

Old age and arthritis is just the pits sometimes. Buddy has been slowing down as of late. He is having a lot of difficulty in his back left leg, which is the leg he tends to rest on the most. (His amputated leg was his front right leg)He was having good days and bad days with it. He need’s a lot of help getting up. We were assuming it is arthritis so we texted the vet. (Did I mention how awesome she is?) He’s on Vet Best (which has Glucosamine)and Tramadol. We asked if we could increase his Tramadol to ease his discomfort. She thought that would be fine but also suggested adding Gabapentin but at a low dose until he gets used to it. We tried it for 2 days and his condition just got worse. Yesterday, he couldn’t get up at all and needed full assistance. It was like he just couldn’t figure out where his legs were. So we texted the vet last night and she suggested we immediatly take him off of the Gabepentin as it can have a sedating affect but to add in more Tramdol the next day instead as we had first suggested. The hope was that perhaps today he would regain his strength.
Unfortunatly he needed full assistance this morning. We took him out front this afternoon and he still needs full assistance. BUT…he was smiling in the sunshine which was REALLY good to see. There were no smiles in the past few days. He did try really hard to get up on his own but that back leg will just not allow it. So now we are fearful of an ACL problem or perhaps something else. The good news is that he does not appear to be in any major pain. And yep, we know..dogs are pretty stoic about pain. But he smiled a lot in the sunshine today! I’ll take that for now. He is horrified of seeing the vet because remember…he woke up one day there missing his leg! We are frustrated and worried and have decided to wait a few more days to see if the previous drug just needs another day to wear off. I fear we may be off to see the vet wether we like it or not in the next week. Old age is really rough.